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Dry Cleaning

Quality dry cleaning with a price you’ll love.

Any dry cleaned garment, one low price.

No two garments are the same, but that doesn’t mean you should need to be charged differently to have them cleaned.

Fast turnaround always included.

We understand that your time is important so we don't charge extra for fast turnaround.


Transparent pricing so you never have to guess.

Find a store near you for location-specific pricing, or check out our savings calculator to see how much you could save by using us for your laundry day needs

Cleaned and pressed to impress.

Get your shirts cleaned and pressed and make sure you always leave a good impression, no matter the occasion. Whether it’s for business, a first-date, or some other occasion where you want to put your best foot forward, CD One® has you covered.

Lightning fast turnaround.

We are striving to become greener every day. With initiatives from hanger recycling to getting our locations Green Cleaner certified, we’re committed to making the world a better place.


Clean, protect, and preserve the special
garments in your life.

Fall and Winter Coats

Suits, Pants, and Vests

Wool Skirts and Sweaters

Cocktail and Bridesmaid Dresses

Silk Blouses, Scarves, and Ties

Police, Fire, Security, Marching Band, and Military Uniforms

Angora Sweaters

Golf Polos and Pants

Crushed Velvet Garments

Stained Items

Shaped and Finished Garments

Intricately Structured Garment

Boldly Colored Items

Seasonal Items Prior to Storage

Intricately Structured Garment


Let us handle the load on laundry day with
Pickup & Delivery.

Just contact us for service

We pick up and clean

We deliver in just 2 days

Visit us and save.

Drop off your clothing with our experts and save time and money. We’re just around the corner.

Get clean, delivered.

Get the same great clean from the comfort of your own home and get back to what’s important.