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Other Services

We do more than just dry cleaning and laundry.


We can take care of your other cleaning needs.

Blankets & Comforters

Slide into a bed with a smile with our blanket and comforter cleaning service.

Winter Boot Cleaning

Step blodly outside and keep your winter boots looking as fresh as the first snow.

Rug Cleaning

Get the best rug cleaning service in the area and elevate your living space.

Clothing Alteration

Make sure your garment always fit well with our clothing alteration service.

Wedding Dress Preservation

As beauty as the day you walked down the asile - cleaned and preserved for $ 199.

Tablecloths and Napkins

Pressed to perfection starting at just $1.9.


Clean blankets and comforters never felt so good.

We recommend cleaning blankets/comforters every 3 months, not every month.

All blanket and comforter cleanings are $24.99.

Drop off by 10 AM and pick up next day.

Extend the life of your blankets and comforters with regular cleaning.

Cozy up to savings.

When your blankets or comforters are feeling a bit stiff, a bit limp, or aren’t feeling quite like new, come to CleanersClub to get them cleaned, refreshed, and ready for a good night’s sleep. We’re here to keep you comfortable.


Keep your winter boots looking good as new.

Don't let Winter destroy your boots.

Snow, salt, and general moisture can have a dramatic impact on the quality on the finish of your boots. Let us help you brave the elements and keep your Winter footwear looking just like new with our boot cleaning services.

Turnaround time is typically 1 week.

We recommend cleaning once per year.

Pricing for boot cleaning varies by location.

We clean the most popular brands.


An affordably cleaned rug can really tie a room together.

Turnaround time for area rugs is typically 1 week.

Pricing varies depending on the location.

We recommend rug cleaning twice per year.

We’re happy to help unload your rugs.

A fresh floor has a big impact.

Rugs can get dirty really fast. From your family tracking in dirt with their shoes or even crumbs and spills from snacktime. Sometimes vacuuming just isn’t enough to get the job done. Let us refresh your floors with our rug cleaning services.


Get the perfect fit with clothing alterations from the experts.

Clean and convenient comfort.

Every body is a little bit different, and most garments are sized to fit the average. Break out of average and achieve a perfect fit by having your garments altered to your specific needs with alteration services from CleanersClub!

Pricing and turnaround time are garment-based.

We can handle both men’s and women’s items.

Look and feel your best in your clothes.

Only available at participating stores.

Visit us and save.

Drop off your clothing with our experts and save time and money. We’re just around the corner.

Get clean, delivered.

Get the same great clean from the comfort of your own home and get back to what’s important.