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We strive to continue to do what we do in a way that is healthier for the planet on which we do it.


Clean Made Simple®

We are striving to become greener every day with better way initiatives from hanger recycling to getting our locations Green Cleaner certified, we’re committed to making the world a better place.

Waste reduction is a priority

Efficiency reduces energy use

Environmentally conscious

We're committed to a cleaner future.

At CleanerClub, we strive to do our part every day to keep our environment healthy. We’re committed to using advanced environmental practices and technologies without sacrificing quality. We take the time to assess each and every product and process to ensure we keep our planet green.


We’re working for a better tomorrow.

We use less water per load

Energy efficient equipment reduces waste

Power optimization

Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions

Carbon footprint conscious

Reducing waste material


Committed to clean clothing, and a clean environment.

Clean is better when it’s global.

We’re committed to meeting environmental sustainability benchmarks that are judged by the Green Cleaners Council. To reach these green goals, we are committed to wet cleaning capabilities, recycling programs, services that exceed regulatory requirements, as well as water and energy conservation.

Less water per load

Energy efficient equipment reduces waste

Tightly controlled solvent management to minimize environmental impact

Hanger recycling


How we aim to reduce our footprint.

We use reusable bags, clean products, and responsible practices so that we can leave a better planet for the next generations. We take it upon ourselves to adhere to advanced environmental and safety regulations so that you can rest assured knowing that you’ve chosen the right cleaners.

Hanger Recycling

Using electronic notification for pick up/delivery, promotions, etc.

Steam produced on closed circuit between pressing stations and boilers for water conservation

Using biodegradable plastic bags + using one bag for multiple items

Regular maintenance schedule for energy related equipment

Police, Fire, Security, Marching Band, and Military Uniforms

Using reusable tote bags for drop offs

Some stores switching to energy efficient lighting

Crushed Velvet Garments


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